The Pampered Consumer

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The retail industry has been experiencing rapid transformation over the last decade and most retailers are under pressure to reinvent their business models and go-to-market strategies. Our recent study highlighted:

  • Nearly 60% of ecommerce organizations globally report that their business model is under “significant” or “critical” pressure to adapt to changing market conditions. For a third of them, that pressure could threaten their very existence within 36 months
  • Changes in customer behavior are a primary cause of market disruption, but two-thirds of global respondents report that they do not have enough customer data to fully understand the customer journey
  • Retail growth is hampered by organizational and capability gaps from structural supports such as executive management backing to only 39% of companies globally have teams that are oriented around the entire lifecycle in contrast to traditional functional silos.

Today’s retailers need to understand and execute against the modern needs and expectations of today’s pampered consumers, watch this webinar to learn why and how Brands need to deliver against these expectations – pamper consumers through various methods– in order to acquire and retain customers that support the long-term growth of their businesses.

About the presenters

Sean Rusinko

Director Industry Strategy Retail & Hospitality


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