How “headless” web architecture improves customer engagement and satisfaction

Tuesday, December 8, 2020
10:00 AM Your local time

Your CMO already knows the value of omnichannel marketing. Your CMO also knows that in order for the marketing message to make a good first impression on clients, the web experience needs to be speedy and reliable.

This is easier said than done, right? The prospect of offering a seamless customer experience across channels is a tantalizing one – even for the most traditional of marketers.

What your CMO may not know, is that the architecture that enables omnichannel delivery is also the way to high performing web applications. Speed, stability, and cross-channel delivery. With developer tools that reduce technical implementation overhead, and marketing tools that keep business stakeholders in control of the web experiences.

Join this webinar to find out how to convey the value that “going headless” can bring to your web and content strategy to your CMO and all other stakeholders.

Get started with headless marketing ahead of your competitors; let’s make your content ready for whatever 2021 has to throw at it.

Benefits of “headless”

  • Save money and time with easy content repurposing across all your existing and future channels
  • Break down silos and unite content teams by housing all content under one digital roof where marketers can collaborate to ensuring consistent branding and messaging
  • Reduce the cost of technical implementation and maintenance
  • Go headless without sacrificing key functionality like personalization and simple MarTech integration

With a marketer-friendly headless DXP, you can reach your target audience more often and through the channels they prefer. From smart speaker content to messaging on your local mall’s largest screens, a headless DXP can expand your digital presence far beyond web browsers and smartphones. Plus, your content will be future-proofed for whatever new smart devices come out next.

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