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An honest look under the ABM hood

The best of digital marketing accelerated

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Seven steps to your first successful ABM pilot

A well-executed Account Based Marketing (ABM) strategy will help marketers generate revenue and increase their footprint in Target Enterprise Accounts that best resemble their Ideal Customer Profile. ABM can also accelerate deal velocity and maximise LTV (Lifetime-Value).

This sounds simple enough, but where do you start, and what is needed to set your marketing and sales organisation up for ABM success?

Join this webinar as Petra Markova, ABM Consultant and B2B Marketer with 20 years’ of driving regional growth for global technology companies, shares:

  • Seven steps to setting up your first successful ABM pilot
  • Using ABM to build predictable pipeline: The advantage of Account-centric, Zero-waste approach to sales and marketing versus the traditional Market-centric approach.
  • ABM and the sales and marketing handshake, creating real (revenue and growth) results through building and nurturing relationships across the entire decision-making committee.

About the presenter

Petra Markova

Founder and Director


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