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Meeting Customer Expectations in Financial Services in 2020 and Beyond

Better digital experiences across the financial services sector

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Creating and delivering better digital experiences across the financial services and insurance industry has never been more crucial to business success. 

Customer needs continue to rise alongside the rapid acceleration of digital adoption and brands must meet that challenge head-on and exceed expectation. Finding and securing customers is now about offering faster, richer and more personalised online experiences.

In this webinar, Ian MacArthur, Chief Experience Officer explores how brands are reacting to consumer behaviour and demand - by understanding insight and journeys to create seamless customer experiences that serve relevant and consistent content to drive conversion rates for better ROI and satisfaction.

Key Take-Aways

  1. Tuning into customer signals
  2. Using your Digital Experience Platform in anger
  3. The art and science of Optimisation 

About the presenter

Ian MacArthur

Chief Executive Officer


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