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Savvy retailers shift tech priorities

How commerce brands are optimizing investments during dynamic times

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Responding to shifting priorities


In February, at the same time retailers had identified that they wanted to make investments in email marketing and personalization to boost their conversion rates, commerce was changing at a global scale. Now more than ever, brands are expected to help shoppers find the products and content they need via personalized experiences. And retailers are faced with new challenges as they look to optimize investments during these dynamic times. Access our roundtable discussion with Digital Commerce 360 and get fresh insights on what’s important today.


Access this roundtable discussion and discover:

  • How Sitecore customers are responding to shifting priorities
  • How to execute and deliver revenue in this new normal
  • How to leverage technology to tackle these new realities

About the speakers

Lauren Freedman

Senior Consumer Insights Analyst, Digital Commerce 360

Digital Commerce 360

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Wanda Cadigan

GVP, Strategic Growth


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