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Set AI to work and be more human

How to focus on your customers by putting AI to work

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Artificial intelligence is starting to influence our day-to-day lives in ways that many of us would never have imagined. It presents us with exciting opportunities and opens up a world of potential for marketers.

Even though we’re hearing more and more about the positive uses of AI, there’s still an almost sinister undercurrent to it with perceptions rooting  in science fiction. And  what should we make of predictions that say by 2022 our personal devices are actually going to understand our emotional state more than our families?

Join our webinar to discover how AI:

  • Can help establish effective customer relationships 
  • Become an opportunity, not a threat
  • Connect with customers on an emotional level to build trust and loyalty

Meet the speaker

Charles Bell

Vice President of Sales Engineering, EMEA


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