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Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Sitecore Content Hub™ Connector

The best of digital marketing accelerated

Available on demand

From connector conception to development to productisation

With connectors that seamlessly integrate the market-leading solutions of Sitecore and Salesforce, marketers get deeper insights and unmatched time to market.

Join our webinar to hear about the build journey of the Sitecore Connect™ for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Sitecore Content Hub.

Our expert panel will cover:

  • The business value behind the conception of this connector
  • How Salesforce and Sitecore explored this integration, and how it led to a productised connector
  • The technical development and finalisation of the connector
  • In-market examples of the connector in use

About the presenters

Robin Foster

Solution Consultant, Asia Pacific and Japan


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Dale James

Alliance Director - Asia Pacific and Japan


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Christopher Thorborg

Lead Solution Engineer (Marketing Cloud)


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