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Sitecore 101: Using Sitecore to drive better digital experiences

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Welcome back to the Sitecore 101 Series. Week by week we will take you through relevant topics, hints, and tips. In our first session, we covered creating content with Sitecore and how to work collaboratively while working remotely.

Grab your coffee and join us for this second session where you will spend the next 30 minutes with Liam Mepham showing you how we set up personalisation within Sitecore. He'll be sharing how we track effectiveness, the value of the wider analytics tools, a quick demo on how easy it is to setup within Sitecore, and answer your questions.

Key takeaways:

  1. Increase the quality of your website engagement
  2. Personalisation measured using engagement value
  3. Evaluate the quality of your digital experience

About the presenter

Liam Mepham

Sitecore Sales Engineer


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