Creating a foundation for AI driven customer experiences

Learn how to leverage AI effectively using tools that connect structured, tagged, and organized data with ML algorithms.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
3:00 AM Your local time

Prepare a foundation to leverage AI for exceptional CX

Digital marketers today are caught in the middle of a huge digital transition.

Behind them lie the old, slow, and manual methods of creating content, tracking engagement and measuring the results.

Ahead of them is the promise of the brave new intelligence-enabled world, teeming with possibilities powered by AI, ML, and Deep Learning solutions.

For AI to be leveraged effectively, marketers need to use tools that connect structured, tagged, and organized data with machine learning algorithms. To find opportunities for automation you need data that fulfills certain criteria.

Learn how you can create a foundation for leveraging AI to deliver unforgettable customer experiences by:

  • Choosing an AI ready CMS
  • Investing in scalability (cloud deployment)
  • Creating the right architecture for your data

Meet the speakers

Auzani Ridzwan

Senior Solutions Consultant


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Alison Sainsbury

Director, Value Engineering & Business Optimisation, APJ


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