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The architectural trajectory of Sitecore

How we got here & where to next

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On the surface it might seem like Sitecore v10’s a “developer focused” release, but really it’s about turning the ship – and it’s a big ship to turn these days.

We are getting new capabilities that will change the way we deliver Sitecore and must change the way we think about building it.

As the future directions for Sitecore take shape, there is much we can start doing now to understand the implications of these changes for the way we build sites, and for the capabilities that will be demanded by our Marketer audiences in years to come.

Join Richard Hauer, CTO at PING Works as he examines:

  • Where we started (as a CMS)
  • Initial steps into personalisation (with DMS)
  • Gaining breadth and maturity in the marketing tools
  • Largely v9 was about finding the new direction for Sitecore, with JSS gaining popularity, Commerce and SXA finding their feet
  • Now with v10 we push for developer efficiency, helping to streamline Sitecore delivery

About PING Works

PING Works combines insightful and creative digital strategy with cutting edge “line-of-business” marketing applications - to deliver end-to-end digital communication and technology solutions. They offer a fully integrated digital service to help brands connect with consumers across the array of platforms they now engage with every day.

Meet the speaker

Richard Hauer

Chief Technology Officer

PING Works

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