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Why go Headless – 5 reasons to unlock your digital front door with Headless

Learn why everybody wins with Headless

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Join the Headless marketing revolution

Consumers today seem to have an endless thirst for new ways to interact online. As consumers’ attention online becomes increasingly fragmented across myriad channels, there have never been so many direct, simultaneous digital pathways to reach your customer – now enter Headless.

Join our session to discover how going Headless extends personalised experiences at speed and scale – all while saving your Marketing and IT teams cost and time.

We’ll discuss why Headless is becoming more popular and what it means for your Experience, Commerce, Content:

  • Truly omnichannel is really possible – Improve customer engagement by reaching them more often, across more touchpoints
  • Deliver content at speed and scale – Empower marketers with control by reusing content anywhere, saving hours of work that can be better spent elsewhere
  • Do more with less - Lower the cost of technical implementation, maintenance and complexity in your tech stack
  • Embrace best-of-breed MarTech freedom – Discover composable solutions that complement and add value to your current tech stack without sacrificing the experience
  • Get ahead in the booming IoT era – Find out how why headless holds the key to IoT marketing

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About the presenters

Mick Wingert

Director, Solution Engineering, ANZ


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Eric Orton

Executive Technology Director


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