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Delivering seamless personalised customer experiences

Creating exceptional CX with trusted digital partners in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong consumers crave witty ah-ha moments. But these moments rarely last without impactful personalised engagement. Deepening these ah-ha moments relies on partners that integrate technologies to create a digitally-driven and customer-centric world to bring customers a unique personalised customer experience (CX) with your brand.

Explore the webinar to discover how technologies like AI, content management systems (CMS) and cloud serve as the foundation of a powerful CX platform to create unique customer journeys and capture a greater share of attention and loyalty for your brand.

We will cover:

  • Creating personalised experiences at scale for a Hong Kong-based 35,000-user community
  • Empowering engagement with AI-enabled 1:1 customer journeys
  • How digital technologies like IoT and robotics enrich CX platforms with an agile application architecture

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About the presenters

Jimmy Wong

Senior Solutions Consultant


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Winnie Chu

Business Group Lead, Cloud and Enterprise

Microsoft Hong Kong

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Toan Ly

Business Director


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