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Sitecore Quarterly Finance Customers get together

An informal quarterly meeting set up for our finance customers managed within the Customer Success Team.

Available on demand

An open discussion hosted by Sitecore but led by you, the customers. 

The session will start with introductions, followed by a presentation hosted by one of the attendees. The webinar will conclude with an open discussion around the topic and confirmation of topics for the next session.

We will also be joined by members of the Sitecore team to field some of the Sitecore related questions.  

Topics to be discussed include:

  • How do you manage auditing requirements and compliance? 

  • How are you using Sitecore? What questions and challenges do you have?

  • What are your governance challenges and how do you work across different brands and countries?

  • Are you planning to use personalisation, is it right for your customers?

  • How do you manage auditing requirements and compliance? 

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