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CX @ Sitecore: A year in review

Reflect, relearn and rediscover

Thursday, December 9, 2021
3:00 AM Your local time

2021 in reflection

As we all heard time and again, 2021 is a year of unprecedented change. This webinar, designed with our customers in mind, is dedicated to empowering customers with new perspectives and actionable intelligence from insights grounded in research as you prepare for the year ahead.

Reflecting on some of the moments that defined our 2021, roadmap development and exploring what that means for our customers, we will also provide the opportunity for you to ask questions during a live Q&A.

To wrap up this special edition, mindfulness coach Erin Lee will share the foundations and benefits of practicing mindfulness, and how the fundamental skills of present-moment attention and non-judgmental awareness are essential for unlearning habit patterns, and relearning and building healthier, wiser ones as we embrace the new year ahead.

Glean insights on:

  • Sitecore in a year – A look at the biggest product releases and acquisitions, and what it means for your business
  • Key takeaways from 2021 on how to successfully deliver outstanding experiences that connect, no matter what the season brings
  • A closer look at Sitecore Discover to drive personalisation success across all your channels in the continued uncertainty of 2022
Welcome address
Roadmap sharing 
Holiday trends report insights
Introduction to Sitecore Discover
Mindfulness for resetting habits 

Mindfulness session by Erin Lee of Mindful Moments

30-minute exclusive virtual session: Through bite-sized experiential practices, participants will gain first-hand experience of mindfulness, and learn to pause and reflect on how they could integrate moments of mindfulness with work and day-to-day life to facilitate positive change and improve their overall effectiveness.

About the presenters

Erin Lee

Mindfulness Coach

Mindful Moments

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John Brunkard

Senior Director, Customer Success, APJ


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Kazim (Kaz) Nami

Principal Commerce Architect


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Nikolaj Hendel

Vice President – Solution Engineering, APJ


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