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Digital Destination 2022 Series: Mastering Content Velocity for Airlines

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In this fireside session we take an in-depth look at how travel had changed and how customers experience, powered by content will lead the way of the traveler.

Main points to be touched upon:

  1. Data & Analytics – the need to better understand your traveler and what content works (and what does not)
  2. Digital Assets Management – break down content silos and make content easier to store, find and deliver 
  3. Content Velocity – how to collaborate and create the right processes to speed up content delivery 
  4. Personalisation – delivering the right message, and content, to the right traveler 
  5. Intelligence – how AI and ML can pick up the slack and do the heavy lifting for marketers. 

About the presenters


Sitecore Staff

Ole Henrik Hasle­

Director of MarTech, Data & Decisioning


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