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Symposium World Tour 2022 Relay - San Francisco

Watch expert-led talk and demos recorded during Sitecore’s live event.

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Unforgettable Digital Connections

Hosted at Oracle Park in downtown San Francisco, Sitecore Symposium World Tour 2022 - San Francisco featured a half-day agenda with segments including:

  • Compose your future with Sitecore’s Composable DXP presented by Sitecore VP, Heater Polen
  • OneWeb: Unifying Multi-brand Experience Management and Digital Operation with the Power of Sitecore. Presented by Sitecore partner, Altudo, and customer, CG&P
  • Digital experience strategy at a DX company: Sitecore is just like you! presented by Sitecore VP, Hannah Grap
  • How to stand out and win consumers with Sitecore Commerce presented by Sitecore VP, Jake Hookom
  • Where the rubber meets the road: A Composable Value Journey presented by Sitecore Value Consultants Jonathan Corley and Rick Bauer

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