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Accelerating Value in Composable Commerce

With the emergence of a diverse range of digital channels led by rapid technological developments and the ever-evolving nature of consumer expectations, the future of eCommerce is undoubtedly shifting toward a Composable architecture.

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In this webinar, we focus on the practical implications of Composable Commerce by analyzing its implementation and management to create tangible returns for your business. We will explore composability to understand its intrinsic relevance for a truly enhanced customer experience.


  • Break down and perform a comparative analysis of Monolithic and Composable software.
  • Understand the various ways in which customizations may be managed.
  • Looking at the benefits of using a Composable Accelerator.
  • Reflecting on a few active industry examples and a live demonstration of Altudo’s Composable Accelerator.

Key takeaways:

  • A Holistic understanding of how Composable commerce can adapt to your business roadmap over time.
  • The role of partners and accelerators to get the best of both worlds and own your roadmap.
  • The importance of not only integrating composability but also providing a rich customer experience using the Altudo Composable accelerator.

About the presenter

Varun Nehra

SVP Digital Solutions


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Jake Hookom

Vice President, Product


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