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AI and the Future of Content

Ann Handley joins Sitecore to explore how AI is changing the world of content

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How do brands make AI work?

Generative AI is here to stay. So what does that mean for the future of content? Ann Handley, Wall Street Journal best-selling author of Everybody Writes and Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, sits down with Sitecore to explore the answers to this question and opportunities for digital marketing teams. Register to hear how your brand can prepare your teams to stay relevant in this new world of content creation.

Featured topics

  • Will generative AI have a negative effect on writing skills long term?
  • How important is AI literacy?
  • Do brands need to be transparent about using AI for content creation?
  • How is Martech adapting to support brands?

About the presenter

Ann Handley

Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author & Chief Content Officer


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Hannah Grap

VP Corporate Marketing


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