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Digital Fireside Chat

The future of site search

Join us alongside our partner UNRLVD as we discuss the Future of Site Search and Gen AI.

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Why Attend?

Join Sitecore and UNRLVD for this 30 mins fireside chat and we will take you through the Future of Site Search. In this session we will discuss how to nail the brilliant basics of Search, ensuring your customers and prospects can connect each visitor with the right content every time. With this foundation in place, we will discuss how organizations can employ next generation use cases like real-time profiling, enhanced Q&A’s with ChatGPT, virtual agents and more.  

The 3 things you will learn are:

  1. How to crawl, walk and then run with your Site Search solution 
  2. How to tailor a Search experience based on customer needs
  3. How ChatGPT, real-time segments and virtual agents can 10x your ROI

About the presenter

Sean Broderick

Director GTM & Product Marketing


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Rick Madigan

Rick Madigan

Lead Strategist


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