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Building the business case for SaaS Modernization with XM Cloud

Join Sitecore and Horizontal Digital in this informative webinar to unlock the secrets of strategic decision-making with Sitecore Composable

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Building the business case for SaaS Modernization with XM Cloud

In today's hyper-connected world, customers demand seamless, personalized experiences in real-time. That's why features like scalability, speed, and flexibility are no longer optional in your martech stack—they're essential.

With composable technology, organizations can surge ahead, outpacing competitors by up to 80% in new feature implementation speed (Gartner). However, moving to composable isn't easy. Tight budgets and uncertainty about the return on investment make the case for SaaS modernization daunting.

During this webinar, we'll walk you through calculating your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Return on Investment (ROI) of modernizing your DXP—an effort meticulously designed to compare your company's current state versus future state investments and their total economic impact over a 3–5-year period.

Equipped with a practical calculator, this session will empower you to make informed choices about your digital experience platform investment. Stop letting uncertainty hinder your decision-making process. Register now to secure your spot and gain the knowledge you need to drive successful modernization initiatives with Sitecore Composable.

About the presenters

Christopher Castle.jpg

Christopher Castle

Regional Vice President, Sales Engineering


Anne Norman.jpg

Anne Norman

Sr. Director of Digital Solutions

Horizontal Digital

Mitch Talbot.jpg

Mitch Talbot

Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Experience Platform Practice

Horizontal Digital

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