Sitecore Experience 2019 ANZ – Connections Driving Commerce

Discover the secrets to engaging with customers so they’re inspired to develop a lifelong relationship with your brand

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Brand loyalty may be hard to keep, but consumers still want to connect with brands. They’re looking for authenticity and emotional resonance. To create this, you have to provide digital experiences that demonstrate you know who they are and what they need and desire. 

Join us in this event recap to get the latest research data and thought leadership on how experience drives commerce business, featuring customer case studies, the most common characteristics on how B2B companies are changing to support evolving customers’ needs, and the capabilities to make your business successful.  

  • Session 1: Retention and experiences: The drivers of new commerce

  • Session 2: Real-life digital transformations from real digital people

  • Session 3: Modern B2B, it’s not what you think!

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