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Commerce virtual master classes

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Master classes overview

Access and explore all of our eight on-demand master classes straight from our 2-day Commerce Virtual Summit 2020 live webcast event. Register to access now!

Tracking product engagement

Gain insights by tracking product engagement on your digital storefront, creating a data source that drives incredible value to your organization.

Speaker: Jay Sanderson – Global Product Specialist for Experience Commerce from Sitecore

Personalized commerce at scale

Find out how to personalize any product information in Sitecore Experience Commerce, and use Sitecore Experience Platform analytics to help you make real-time, data-driven decisions.

Speakers: Phil Bui and Yassine Alahyane – VP of Commerce and Sr. Commerce Developer from XCentium

Bring Sitecore Experience Commerce to the brick and mortar store

Learn about how Sitecore Experience Commerce can be integrated with Ka-Ching, an assisted-selling application designed for in-store deployment.

Speaker: Niket Ashesh – Multi-year Sitecore MVP from Alpha Solutions

Let’s talk (e)commerce projects!

The goal of this session is to help team leads and decision-makers, who are involved in commerce projects, to understand commerce terminology and overall project flow for a commerce website.

Speaker: Hetal Dave – Technical Architect from Verndale

Automated recommendation for your storefront: measuring your recommendation strategies

Learn ways to measure and evaluate different recommendation strategies and placements, and demonstrate how to build a product recommendation component in Sitecore Experience Accelerator.

Speaker: Roland Villemoes – Multi-year Sitecore MVP from Alpha Solutions

Data driven search – optimize the search relevance using Sitecore Experience Commerce data

Learn how use data collected by Sitecore Experience Commerce to train Apache Solr with Machine Learning and create more relevant search results.

Speaker: Klaus Petersen – Multi-year Sitecore MVP from Alpha Solutions

Preparing Sitecore Experience Commerce for special events

Find out what steps are involved in properly preparing your Sitecore XC environments for special events.

Speaker: Vasiliy Fomichev – Sitecore MVP, Director from Team One

Understand what influences your business: Sitecore Experience Platform analytics with Power BI

Learn insights on connecting Sitecore to Power BI, how to model data, merge data sources, define relationships, and enable your data for conversational intelligence.

Speakers: Benjamin Adamski and Boris Brodsky – Sitecore MVPs, Digital and Solution Architects from Avanade

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About the presenters


Sitecore Staff

Vasiliy Fomichev

Sr. Director of Solution Architecture


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Hetal Dave

Technical Architect, Verndale


Phil Bui

VP of Commerce, XCentium

Yassine Alahyane

Software Architect


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Niket Ashesh

Sitecore MVP, Alpha Solutions

Klaus Petersen

Sitecore MVP

Alpha Solutions

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Roland Villemoes

Chief Technology Officer US, Alpha Solutions

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Benjamin Adamski

Benjamin Adamski

Sitecore MVP, Digital and Solution Architect, Avanade

Boris Brodsky

Director of App Dev/Sitecore Architect, Avanade

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