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Digital Experts (DX) examining strategies, tools, and techniques to deliver the best Digital Experiences (DX) in Australia & New Zealand.

Deep dive into digital experience trends in ANZ

Explore live and on-demand webinars for ensuring you have the right approach for delivering brand experiences your customers want. Keep this page bookmarked so you can stay up-to-date on the latest available webinar resources.


Technical stream

Enrich SFMC with Sitecore XP

Discover how to to streamline content creation and create personalised communications by leveraging behavioural data.

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Business stream

An Experience Ecosystem in 90 Days

Deliver a completely connected Experience Ecosystem that drives measurable business value, fast.

Impact of effective personalisation

Hear three Australian Sitecore customers across the education, property and finance sectors.

Highlights from Sitecore World Tour in ANZ

Catch up and learn what is ahead in 2020 for Sitecore Content Hub™, commerce, and personalisation.

An honest look under the ABM hood

Uncover the seven steps to setting up your first successful ABM pilot.

Content lessons from a crisis

Learn how to create content fast, break down silos, and fix digital experiences on the fly – even in a crisis.

Powering citizen engagement for local councils

Examine ways to meet the digital expectations of citizens.

The Personalisation Imperative

Discover why personalisation is so important, why it’s so hard to do right and how to make it work with your full marketing stack.

Technical Stream

The architectural trajectory of Sitecore

How we got here & where to next

Sitecore XP 9.3 and XC 9.3 new features and updates

Get updated on the new features across Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 9.3 and Sitecore Experience Commerce™ 9.3.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud & Sitecore Hub Connectors

Discover the journey of Sitecore Connect™ for Marketing Cloud and Sitecore Content Hub.

New enhancements and features in SXA 9.3

Discover how to speed up production and improve performance with Sitecore® Experience Accelerator.

Social Integration with Content Hub

Discover how Sitecore Content Hub can integrate to your social channels.

Technical deep dive into latest Sitecore releases

Discover the latest technical features across the Sitecore solution suite.

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Digital business model for Finance

Hear the latest trends and how to apply a strategic framework to transformation.

Digital business model for Manufacturing

An exciting visualisation of a connected customer experience journey and best practices.

Digital business model for Retail

Retail is constantly evolving. Hear how local organisations have moved online.

Sitecore Content Hub

The true cost of content: Save money, reduce risk, enhance your customers experience

Deloitte Digital discusses how content is key to every customer interaction but challenging for every brand.

Ensuring compliance with Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Creative Folks joins to explore how DRM impacts digital professionals and how Sitecore Content Hub ensures you’re compliant.

Solving the Content Crisis: Your digital marketing, completely transformed

Discover how to deliver the volume and quality of content your audience demands.


Shaping meaningful digital experiences in ANZ

Discover how brands win a larger share of mind and wallet by creating meaningful customer experiences.

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Modern commerce in Asia Pacific

Ten essential sessions from subject matter experts and leading brands on what modern commerce looks like in 2020 and beyond.

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