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Modern Commerce in Asia Pacific

Ten essential sessions from subject matter experts and leading brands on what Modern Commerce looks like in 2020 and beyond.

Hear from subject matter experts and leading brands on what Modern Commerce looks like in 2020 and beyond

A superior commerce experience is a competitive advantage in today’s digital-driven landscape. Brands that will find success in 2020 and beyond will be those that realise commerce and personalisation go hand-in-hand.

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Modern Commerce: So Now What?

Discover the landscape of commerce in this next normal era, lessons businesses can learn from the past, and strategies you can adopt for the future.

Mapping commerce digital strategy to changing customer behaviour

Hear from Kepios CEO Simon Kemp on how people's evolving digital behaviours are influencing the overall buyer journey for B2C and B2B brands across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Going beyond transactions to experience driven commerce

Hear from Nielsen Head of Consumer Insights Adriana Chia on the impact of commerce in the Asia Pacific region and the role of digital in this new landscape.

Digital transformation is the new norm for B2B marketers

Learn from Coates Hire’s Digital Transformation Leader on what it truly means to be agile and simple practices that work in any business context.

How Tyres4U continuesto drive growth using digital for B2B2C

Tyres4U Chief Digital Officer shares their organisation’s motivations to digitize and how they continue to innovate and modernise the market.

Tracking engagements in a multi-device customer journey

Find out how to tap into an incredibly insightful data source that can drive incredible value to your organisation’s digital customer experience.

How rapid ecommerce minimises risk as you pivot your business

Explore the operational and technical journey required to take your tech stack from a content management system (CMS) to a digitally transformed commerce engine.

Future of personalised commerce

Discover how brands embrace the personalisation data challenge while meeting customer expectations, using first-party opportunities in commerce to create exceptional experiences.

Changing tide for digital operations in B2B2C

Discover what it takes to compete for market share in a virtual world with success stories on how traditional businesses can operate as a digital service.

Introduction to Sitecore Experience Commerce

Learn how content, personalisation, and marketing automation can be used to shape the best commerce customer journey.