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Sitecore 101: Enhance your digital experience capabilities

Grab a coffee and join our free e-learning series to find out how to enhance and personalize your overall digital experience offering.

Creating Content with Sitecore

Discover how easy it is to create content and how your current remote teams can benefit from a consistent content approval and workflow process.

Using Sitecore to drive better digital experiences

Learn how to set up personalization within Sitecore. We’ll share how we track effectiveness, the value of the wider analytics tools and a quick demo on how easy it is to setup within Sitecore.

Understanding DAM

You may be faced with lots of assets scattered across your organization. Explore how you can efficiently organize, manage, find, and distribute all your digital media when and where you need it.

Managed Cloud – So why now?

Take a deep dive into Sitecore® Managed Cloud, and why — in this current climate — you should be thinking with a cloud-first approach.

Are you maximizing your Sitecore platform?

In this Sitecore 101 session, we focus on the now by implementing a Platform Assessment, which will identify the levels you need to unlock in challenging times.

3 enduring consumer truths for commerce innovation

Explore how connected customer experiences push companies to capitalize on innovation that will deliver the very best shopping experience.

Performance, resilience and scale

As computing technology advances, we explore the benefits for Sitecore customers when hosting in Microsoft Azure cloud.

Leveraging automation to deliver 1:1

Learn how to utilise Sitecore to have relevant conversations with your audience, sending the right content to the right people at the right time.

Sitecore 101: Rest easy with managed cloud

We continue our journey with cloud, this time looking at how you can prepare your business for digital first future.

How to deliver zero code page design

Learn how to create template-based web content with just enough creativity and flexibility in a powerful, drag-and-drop environment.

Sitecore 101: Managing effective asset creation

Take asset creation workflow to the next level with the Agile toolset in the MRM module of Sitecore Content Hub.

Sitecore 101: Test all the things, now with added AI

Add value to your website by using Sitecore Cortex to help you find your visitor segments, through testing and tracking pages.

Get Started with Sitecore?

Discover all you can do with this amazing DXP technology

Sitecore 101: World Class Experiences with Coveo and Sitecore

Learn how Coveos Experience Intelligence platform can be leveraged within Sitecore to provide the key elements which define world class experiences.

The Key to Delivering Awesome Experiences

Discover how using the right data and insight can help you deliver an awesome experience.

Managed Cloud – 2021 and Beyond

Find out how you can be a superhero for your business and marketing departments with enterprise reliability and scalability for 2021 and beyond

Why Sitecore & Salesforce combine so well together

Discover the full range of pre-built connectors that allow you to easily connect these systems together.

6 reasons why your marketing function needs Content Hub

Hear about the 6 ways your job is about to become much easier using Sitecore’s Content Hub

Sitecore 101: Ways to achieve and embed a culture of innovation

Find out what innovation means to businesses and how to embed the right culture to foster it