The ROI of content

Content conversations for marketers in ANZ

Thursday, September 17, 2020
1:00 AM Your local time

Marketing has never been in greater flux or under more pressure to demonstrate organisational impact. At the same time, content marketing has become a catch-all term applied to a huge range of distinct activities and objectives.

This practical webinar will cut through the multi-channel noise and focus on simplicity, clarity and getting honest about ROI.

Join Todd Wheatland, one of Australia’s well-known content experts, as he examines:

  • Connecting strategy to measurable outcomes
  • Balancing long and short-term targets
  • Common distinctions of B2B, B2C and other models
  • Measuring what’s important, tuning out the noise
  • Selling the ROI of content marketing internally
Hosted by Andrew Birmingham, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief at Which-50 Media.

This webinar is part of the "Content Conversations" series. Have a look at what other webinars may be of interest to you.

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Meet the presenters

Todd Wheatland

Co-Founder and CEO

JARO Sports

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Andrew Birmingham

Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief


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