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How changes in walled-garden privacy policies will impact your adtech and martech technologies

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Discover how changes in wall-garden privacy policies can impact your Adtech and MarTech technologies

With third-party cookies being phased out, the ability for brands to create an alternative identifier to track individuals’ journeys across the web will be limited. As a result of this move, Google will stop providing one-to-one personalised advertising outside of their owned and operated properties. Google’s post-cookie solutions outside of their properties will be entirely cohort-based, and while cohort advertising will be one of several key solutions for cookie-less advertising, it will limit brands’’ ability to target customers based on behaviour and their digital journey.

Luckily for brands, third-party cookies aren’t the only option for recognising their customers and their online behaviour. First party cookies are a better alternative.

First party data is now key to identifying and meaningfully engaging customers and will be king in the cookie-less world.

Key takeaways:

  • Apple, Facebook, and Google: Privacy or control?
  • Impact on your Customer-centric strategies
  • Owning your customer and what technologies can help
  • ROI through personalisation that scales while adhering to permission granted by consumers

About the presenter

Biren Balakrishnan

Sales Engineering Manager


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