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Sitecore Experience Cloud: Your foundation for growth

Digital experience is paramount today. Brands need more control over customer engagements, agile ways to work across teams, and the ability to personalize and evolve experiences rapidly.

A flexible and efficient foundation, Sitecore Experience Cloud™ empowers brands to move with the speed and insight to reach, attract, convert, and retain customers as their needs, channels, and behaviors change.

Key product updates


Align Marketing and IT
with XP

Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) 10 provides the innovations and tools teams need to launch and evolve memorable customer experiences.

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AI and other Content Hub innovations

Sitecore Content Hub™ 3.4 enhances DAM, simplifies graphics production, and integrates with Adobe creative tools.

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Drive revenue with XC

Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) 10 delivers new capabilities to help brands drive revenue and thrive.

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Sitecore XP 10: Your experience, your way

Sitecore XP 10 offers everything brands need to deliver experiences in a fully-integrated solution — allowing teams to work more efficiently.

From container infrastructure orchestration to integrated data to marketing automation, Sitecore XP is the leading platform that offers both IT and Marketing all they need. With aligned timelines and workflows, teams can collaboratively launch and evolve unique experiences that drive engagement and accelerate customer success.



Achieve speed with Sitecore Containers

Sitecore XP 10 introduces full public support for containers. Sitecore Containers support rapid Infrastructure-as-code deployment and more efficient solution and team onboarding with modern Docker and Kubernetes technology.

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Enhanced audience segmentation in analytics

Sitecore XP 10 expands the platform’s analytics functionality, offering deeper insights on audience engagement and segmentation. Marketers can quickly identify working tactics and deepen personalization across channels.

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Expanded XP Content Hub integration

Sitecore XP 10 introduces support for additional field types from Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP). With this support, marketing teams can centralize more of their content creation in Content Hub while still leveraging it with web teams.

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Exciting innovations with Content Hub

Sitecore has released version 3.4 of Content Hub, with new capabilities to help brands accelerate their digital transformations.

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Enhanced DAM – AI, video, automation

Remove the guesswork in finding similar images for campaigns — select the first image and AI will find the rest. Video support includes automated tagging and indexing.

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Preferred workflows, simplified graphics production

Teams can now use both agile and project-based workflows in a single solution. And the new features of Web to Print with CHILI Publisher simplify and automate graphics production.

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Extending to 3rd party solutions

Tight integration to Adobe creative tools plus a new Javascript SDK for quick integration to other tools in your martech stack.


Experience Commerce 10: Driving revenue and efficiency

Sitecore Experience Commerce™ (XC) 10 offers the tools teams need to grow revenue, drive engagement, and increase efficiency and agility.

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XC 10

Drive engagement and revenue

Sitecore XC 10 delivers advanced product bundling capabilities that enable commerce teams to sell more products and drive higher average order value. It also includes many other promotional tools, including gift-with-purchase and automated birthday campaign to engage and nurture customers.


Increase efficiency

Sitecore XC 10 adds support for deployment with Docker Container and Kubernetes, reducing system resources and simplifying deployment. It also extends the number of components with Scriban template support. And it introduces a sample integration to Sitecore DAM (Product/PCM).

Deploy a digital storefront fast


Launch your digital storefront in as little as 8 weeks

With Sitecore XC Quick Start, jumpstart your digital commerce journey for benefits today and tomorrow with assistance from several of our experienced partners.

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XC Quick Start

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