Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 - Google’s web A/B testing tools - will switch off on September 30, 2023. After that date, customers will not be able to run web experiments with Google and will need to find an alternative.

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Google Optimize is an experimentation platform that allowed us to split test landing pages throughout our site and make decisions based on the in-depth data it provided. Google Optimize also used Google Analytics to target audiences for behavior-focused tests. 

While Google Optimize has given many brands a great place to start as an experimentation platform, it comes up short for companies that are serious about maximizing the potential of optimization.

With limitations on testing variations, personalization options, channels, and integrations with third-party tools, many Google Optimize customers might now be thinking about how they can do more with digital optimization.

Why Sitecore Personalize?

Sitecore Personalize is designed to help brands create relevant, impactful user experiences that truly resonate. A Leader in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Personalization Engines, Personalize brings all the simplicity of Google Optimize and pairs it with sophisticated A/B testing and personalization capabilities to power continuous optimization that delivers results.

The visual editor is part of the great functionality which makes testing landing pages easy. 

Put simply, Sitecore Personalize gives you a better way to optimize, making it one of the best Google Optimize alternatives. 

check mark Advanced A/B testing

As a goal-driven A/B testing tool, Personalize gives you the functionality to optimize every element of your digital presence. Using sophisticated multivariate testing, you can take experimentation to the next level and power continuous optimization across your website and all your digital channels.


Want to learn more about Sitecore’s advanced A/B testing capabilities? Visit the Personalize product page.

check mark World-class personalization

With an industry-leading personalization engine, Personalize lets you create hyper-relevant experiences for every customer at every moment. You can unlock all your customer data in real-time to deliver personalized experiences that connect through every customer journey.

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Want to learn more about advancing personalization for your business? Read our Personalization maturity curve guide now.

check mark Digital decisioning

Personalize is powered by next-generation digital decisioning. Driven by AI, it combines customer data, business data, and real-time context to inform intelligent decisions for any digital experience. That means more relevance for your customers, and better results for your business, making it an ideal Google Optimize alternative.

Amplify your decision-making and recommendations by utilizing Personalizes machine learning. Adapt experiences to any segment, cohort, or individual.


To learn more about the impact of digital decisioning, download our Six steps to mastering decisioning ebook.

check mark Full stack optimization

Personalize lets you run personalization and experimentation across your tech stack. With both traditional client-side and server-side integrations, you can focus on targeting & conversions or engagement on any channel - and drive optimization across your whole ecosystem.

Personalize gives you the functionality to optimize any landing page or popups that you would like to improve and see how well this enhances your SEO. View important metrics of each variant and improve your CRO (conversion rate optimization). 

You can also use data from hundreds of integrations, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


To understand more about the impact of optimization across every channel, download our Four steps to smarter digital experiences guide.

check mark Lightning-fast performance

Personalize is part of Sitecore’s composable SaaS portfolio. All our SaaS products are MACH-compatible, microservice-based, API-first and cloud-native. This means composable is faster and more agile - letting you deliver rapid personalized experiences and experiment in real-time.

To learn more about Sitecore’s SaaS portfolio, visit our product pages.


Understand how your tests are performing against the goals and metrics you define. Separate from Google Analytics, our Personalize Analytics are visualized with crystal-clear reporting powered by a rock-solid statistics engine. Set up and track one primary and multiple secondary metrics for your tests. Standard goals include conversion, revenue, and engagement. 


What is replacing Google Optimize?

After the September 30th, 2023 deadline, users will no longer be able to use Google Optimize to run webpage tests and will need to move to another optimization tool. Sitecore Personalize is the best solution for replacing Google Optimize. Our optimization platform allows you to boost conversions by focusing on conversion rate optimization and performing multipage testing.

Sitecore Personalize works on both websites and apps, to chat and contact center and kiosk. Easy to use with any skill level, from beginners to advanced users. A must-have for ecommerce websites looking to optimize their customer experience. 

Create tests from templates or add variants to existing experiences for testing. Sitecore Personalize supports marketers and developers through a unified user interface. Activate live business data, like inventory or pricing, or call-outs to AI models for predictive insights.

Switching is as easy as 1-2-3

Marketers looking for a Google Optimize alternative, getting up and running with Personalize couldn’t be easier. 

1. Fast set up

With drag-and-drop simplicity and support from dedicated partners, you can set up tests and get experimenting in a matter of minutes.

2. Easy integrations

Like all our composable, API-first products, you can integrate Personalize effortlessly with Sitecore’s SaaS portfolio as well as third-party tools.

3. Exclusive offer

We are offering unique incentives for Google Optimize users who switch to Personalize. Speak to our team to learn more.


Ahmed Elyamany is Product Marketer at Sitecore. Find him on LinkedIn.