Join Sitecore for lunch and a conversation around GenAI

Generative AI continues to be a focus in the Digital Experience community. At Sitecore, we are transforming how digital content is created, managed, and experienced. AI-enhanced tools help Digital Experience leaders to streamline operations, unleash creativity, and drive innovation.

Sitecore and Microsoft welcome you along with other Mountain View industry leaders to come discuss GenAI and hear about different ways in which you can embed it into your overall content strategy.

Marketing teams are racing to learn more about generative AI models. Sitecore is at the forefront of integrating these groundbreaking new technologies into everyday content marketing operations. Conversational LLM transformers can be used today to create marketing copy, imagery, and personalized advertising.

Join Angela Gustafson and Gavin Little as they explore high-level, practical applications of generative marketing. This session will explore off-the-shelf ML learning tools within Sitecore and inspiring, future-oriented examples of generative marketing.

About the presenters

Gavin Little.jpg

Gavin Little

Senior Director, Solution Engineering


Angela Gustafson.jpg

Angela Gustafson

Manager, Solution Engineering





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