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通过与 Sitecore 和 Valtech 合作,欧莱雅制定了基于 Microsoft Azure PaaS 的新数字营销策略,开辟了电子商务渠道,并提供个性化的消费者服务。


宝洁公司将投入市场所需的时间缩短了 50%

借助于 Sitecore, 宝洁公司通过敏捷的全球平台彻底改造了其全球数字营销业务,降低了成本,缩短了投入市场所需的时间,并打造了更好的消费者体验。

Rocky Mountain Health Plans 为客户赋能

RMHP 运用 Sitecore Experience Platform on Azure 帮助其客户比较和选择计划,同时简化网站管理并保护敏感数据。

Chick-fil-A extends customer engagement online

Chick-fil-A sees dramatic increase in page views and online orders through cross-selling and behavior-based personalization.

Sitecore’s flexibility

After conducting extensive testing and analysis, we envisioned something bold—a flexible solution that would give our partners greater interaction and fast access to the exact information they were looking for, Sitecore fit the bill.

Dan Truax, General Manager
Microsoft Corporation


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