Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Volvo: A digital-first approach to simplify and improve consumers’ lives

Founded in 1927, Volvo Cars is one of the best known and most respected automotive manufacturers in the world today. In 2017, Volvo sold 571,577 cars in over 100 countries and launched more models than ever before, with global sales rising by 7% from 2016, driven by growth in all regions.

Volvo is currently going through a digital-first transformation: The Digital Experience Initiative. The goal is to deliver 20% of sales from online channels to support the company’s wider mission—to simplify and improve the consumer’s life. It also ties in with Volvo’s broader marketing goal to position and establish Volvo as a global luxury brand. To achieve these goals, Volvo partnered with Sitecore.

Delivering an agile, innovative, and efficient digital experience at the global scale has already begun to pay off. In 2017, Volvo’s total web traffic increased by 31% and 48% more consumers used the car configurator online tool. Their mobile site was named “best-in-class” by the L2 2018 Automotive Digital IQ Index report, and the brand moved from number 22 to number 7.





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