Belgian National Lottery uses Sitecore to provide a rich digital experience for 1.5 million visitors per week

The Belgian National Lottery is a public law limited company charged since 1934 with organizing public lotteries, betting, competitions, and games of chance in Belgium in a socially responsible, reliable, and secure manner. Its premium game brands include Lotto, Win for Life, and Euro Millions. In 2014 the lottery generated total revenues of €1.211 billion; 53% of the revenues are returned in prizes, and 28% is redistributed to the society through a range of grants and sponsorships. In an average month, 2.5 million people visit its website.


The company wanted to deliver a rich, engaging experience for its visitors seamlessly across all device types to encourage visitors to engage more with the website content and play the range of online games there. Visitors to the existing website typically checked the lottery results and immediately left the site. They didn’t stay and engage more—such as finding out about the social and cultural initiatives it sponsors. Among visitors to the website, 35% accessed it via mobile devices, but the site was difficult for mobile visitors to use, since it was not responsive and used flash technology. The National Lottery felt that its digital ambitions were not achievable with its existing platform, a content management system (CMS) that was not user-friendly. Over the course of the last decade, new pages and structures had been added to it without a clear and common strategy, which had resulted in a chaotic website architecture. As a result, it took the content editors 10 minutes to upload one article, and the system, which did not support video or creation of interactive content such as online polls, was outdated.

The company searched for an experience platform that would help build an exciting experience for its customers and give its marketers the speed and functionality they needed. The platform needed to provide multilanguage support—Belgium is a bilingual (French and Flemish) country—and analytics to evaluate the success of the site. Because the website catered to a wide range of visitors, the company also saw potential in delivering a more personalized experience targeting specific visitor groups with relevant content.


The National Lottery selected the Sitecore® Experience Platform™, to ensure that the lottery could look to the future with confidence and use the platform to continually evolve and improve the experience it provides its digital visitors. The platform also allowed the marketing team, instead of the IT teams, to take control of the website, with simple, powerful tools that made it easy to manage content and channels.

With Sitecore, clear content workflows helped more people within the company share its successes to keep content fresh and relevant. Including video, building online polls was straightforward, and the platform easily manages both of the country’s languages for the site. The implementation of Sitecore was seamless, delivered on time with no interruption to the site.


The company initially expected a drop-off in page views during the transition to the new website, but monthly page views actually climbed up to five million, with mobile visits a key driver. Videos, and especially new polls, have proved to be very popular. Workflows within Sitecore are generating more content, so visitors start their website visits by checking the results, stay for the engaging content, and proceed to the online games. Organic visitors now represent 30% of online gaming conversions.

The National Lottery recognizes that it has just started on its Sitecore journey and has only scratched the surface of its possibilities, and it now has plans to expand testing and analytics with built-in options such as multivariate and A/B testing to optimize the experience. Using Sitecore, the company can now understand the customer journey and begin to use data-driven insights to provide contextual personalized content, which it knows is key to delivering the best experience on its digital channels. It now has a strong vision of how to evolve its experience together with Sitecore to build a roadmap for the future of the business.


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“Over the course of the last decade, new pages and structures were added to the existing website without a clear and common strategy. This resulted in a very chaotic website architecture,” says Marc Frederix, director, Marketing, Sponsoring & Digital Sales at the National Lottery.

“Sitecore helped us take an important step into the future”, says Ellen Van den Berghe, digital channels manager at the National Lottery. “We really improved the customer journey for our players, because we are now able to offer them a seamless experience across our various channels.”

“And this is just the beginning,” adds Ralph Urmel, digital communication adviser at the National Lottery. “We just started using Sitecore recently and have only scratched the surface of its possibilities. We’re planning to deploy options such as multivariate and A/B testing to optimize our online content even more. Not only are these opportunities possible with Sitecore, the future use of Sitecore analytics insights will also give us the opportunity to measure success. We are now able to make decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.”