Increased Efficiency on the Site, with a 30-40% Increase in Site Visitors, and a 50-75% Increase in Time-to-Market

IAK Verzekeringen is an insurance intermediary in Eindhoven. With over 80 years of experience, the company specializes in group insurance, financial services, and business insurance. The IAK website provides individual customers specific information. In the past, IAK had separate websites for approximately five hundred group contracts on which it shared information with customers.


IAK needed a website capable of providing the right personal content to the right customer. The objective was to run the site’s daily management as much as possible in-house, without the intervention of IT specialists. In addition, it was important to have a flexible and stable platform to which new content and structure could be added constantly. Also, the company was looking for a total renovation of its website to support its online services.

A completely revamped platform supporting the online channels was called for. Initially, three parts were required:

  1. Corporate information
  2. The total package of agent policies
  3. An intranet

One objective was to add the ability to constantly add new entities. Another goal was to conduct the daily management, including content management, replacing and adding text, and also building landing pages and action sites, as much as possible without the intervention of a third party or the in-house IT department.


The first phase was the completion of an entirely new corporate site with a new design and renewed content. Dynamic content blocks and pages were created and eliminated the need to build all five hundred sites, each with its own content. For agent policies, Sitecore set up a multisite module enabling the launch of a custom site tailored to the needs of a specific agent in a few hours. Linking the site to the online request process made it possible to open and operate a sales channel in a very short time.

Linked to this is a new “My environment,” driven through a completely revised login procedure. Customers can navigate the site in three ways. First, they can do so without logging in, which produces a view of standard premiums and terms and conditions. If customers select “group” login, they will receive information associated with group agreements. If customers choose to log in personally within their group, content, products, premiums, and terms and conditions will be automatically adjusted to group agreements and the customer’s specific product choices.

This is how IAK optimized the handling of “group-dependent information” belonging to about five hundred groups. Customers can personally log in through “My IAK” or can select group login. Logged-in customers see “group-dependent information.” This also means that the products, terms and conditions, clauses, and premiums for a specific group are only visible to the members of the group. It is now possible to successfully display personal information and policy data with a high degree of simplicity and ease, and to offer users the opportunity to do their own premium calculation. This has already improved manageability and results significantly.

The implementation of Google Analytics allows IAK to analyze on-site customer behavior. This information is linked to the online request processes.

Sitecore’s Web Forms for Marketers allows IAK to create accessible contact forms, brochure requests, and response forms, in support of promotional campaigns on the landing pages.

The project has been completed in close collaboration with Sitecore solution partner Colours, with tight deadlines and partial deliverables. The schedule was set up so that IAK was able to start building the site and adding content, while Colours was still developing. This method required a lot of coordination, but resulted in a significantly shorter completion time. However, ample time was taken to thoroughly test for various parties before the site went live.


Lower costs, more visitors
Dennis Janssen, e-business consultant with IAK, is enthusiastic about these results.  He says, “Immediately upon release, we were able to reduce out-of-pocket management costs by 50 to 75 percent. The number of visitors increased by approximately 40 percent. The integrated ‘My IAK’ environment caused around 25 percent more customers to switch to doing business digitally.”

IAK is now working with Colours on the development of additional improvements, based on experiences as well as customers’ observations and comments. One example is making the login procedure even clearer and more understandable to make it even easier for customers to create an account.

Everything that is freshly developed for the online channel now happens in Sitecore. Additionally, IAK is migrating all of the sites and applications running elsewhere to Sitecore, such as, which handles absenteeism for the business market.

The efficiency accomplished by using the Sitecore CMS resulted in out-of-pocket cost savings to the extent that IAK largely recovered the implementation costs within one year.

The implementation of the new site produced 30 to 40 percent more visitors. The integrated “My IAK” environment made customers increasingly switch to doing business digitally. Since then, the service desk has been significantly relieved, leading to major cost savings and naturally to more convenience for the customer.

Technical Description

Solution Special Ingredients

  • Sitecore CMS
  • Sitecore Webforms for Marketers
  • Two Login Areas
  • Google Analytics