Partenamut makes life easier for expecting parents with

As one of Belgium’s leading independent health insurance funds, Partenamut finds it important to provide its members not only with the right insurance, but also with tailored information on various aspects regarding health and health care, including administrative aspects, social services and health prevention. In 2013, Partenamut launched, a dedicated website for expecting parents. The health insurance organization selected Sitecore as the platform of choice for building and operating the website. Today, over 3.300 members have registered for the personalized section of the website and Partenamut has saved over € 75.000 on printed material.


Partenamut is dedicated to making life easier for its 950.000 members. At the same time, it wants to reduce the burden of administrative processes for both the organization and its members. To support this strategy, Partenamut decided to develop a dedicated website for expecting parents. “As a health insurance fund, we have a lot of information on paperwork, indemnities, legal obligations and wellness for expecting parents. We wanted to provide them with a special channel that can be customized to their specific needs and situation,” said Helen Tueni, e-business project manager at Partenamut. Main goals of the website is to provide health insurance information, focused on pregnancy and the first months of life, unload the existing corporate website, simplify the information architecture by migrating specific content to the mini-site and support members with paperwork and administrative requirements. By doing so Partenamut also wants to increase customer loyalty among a particular segment – the web-minded 25 to 35 age group - and establish Partenamut as the number 1 health insurance provider for expecting parents.


Partenamut started a selection process for a new Content Management System (CMS) that would be able to support its strategy of providing clients with added value. The company selected Sitecore for a number of reasons:

  • The solution offered the best potential for Customer Engagement, which was a strong requirement.
  • Sitecore Experience Platform provided a seamless solution for multichannels, multisites, multi-languages and multi-users usage.
  • Sitecore’s solution scored high in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management.
  • The Sitecore platform offers ease of use, scalability and portability and provides marketers and content authors with much flexibility.
  • Easy integration with CRM and other systems in the future and customizable in order to suit current and future business needs.
  • Built-in SEO optimization tool.

Partenamut created a team of internal and external members to realize A main characteristic of the site is the navigation that allows a thematic, chronological and contextual display through a woman’s pregnancy. In addition, it offers a personalized area that provides tailored and timely information to registered users. As far as the back-end is concerned, the Sitecore CMS offers dedicated roles to the various users and the ability to work simultaneously. With the Marketing Center, marketers can initiate end-to-end web campaigns with no or little intervention from developers.


Sitecore provided Partenamut with a reliable platform which resulted in fast adoption by the pool of content editors. Full authoring, including articles, pictures, banners and personalized area, was finalized in less than a month by less than two FTEs.

Helen Tueni: “Sitecore proved to be not only the right content management system, but also an engagement platform. Thanks to personalization of content and triggered email campaigns, we are able to closely engage with our members and optimize their engagement. The new website ensures members they send the right documents or make the right requests at the right time, which saves time for our teams and increases their efficiency.”

Furthermore, the productivity and agility of marketing and content teams have increased considerably thanks to the use of the Web Form for Marketers Module. Before using Sitecore, Partenamut was using considerably more paper documents. Brochures had to be created at high costs. Thanks to the website the amount of printed material was dramatically reduced, resulting in substantial savings and reduced environmental impact. went live in April 2013. Since, over 3.300 expecting parents have registered for the personalized section. In general, the website has 3.500 unique visitors every month with an average of 9-pages visits and duration of 4 minutes.

“At Sidewalk, we were proud to build a high-visibility website for Partenamut, using the full range of digital marketing tooling Sitecore has to offer. These native Sitecore tools allow the Partenamut marketing teams to control the complete user experience. From first visit to recurring automated e-mail campaigns and loyalty management. Thanks to the effective Sitecore support and the creative solutions of our Sitecore experts we were able to bring "to life" with far less custom development than ever before. Sitecore provides high grade native tools that allow us to deliver fast, powerful and accessible solutions to each customer.”

Jérémy Coste, coordinator at Sidewalk