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Trusted voice of construction

The Housing Industry Association (HIA), founded in 1945, is Australia’s largest residential building organization with over 23,000 member businesses. HIA is the only national industry association for all building professionals, representing the residential building industry – from trade contractors, builders and suppliers, to product manufacturers. With 18 siloed business units, disparate data, and members with misaligned perceptions of HIA, it was hard to share content, track visitor journeys, or cross and upsell. Some of the challenges facing the HIA included inconsistent UX and content, and a lack of personalization. HIA recognized an increase in digital-native customers and wanted to improve its CX . The organization also wanted to interact and support non-member customers and target new audiences.

HIA’s vision is to be the trusted, ever-present voice of the residential building industry, providing a central digital marketplace that unites all customer segments under a credible, proactive, personalized, and connected experience.


Scalable content, rich data

HIA worked with Sitecore business partner Switch, to develop a digital transformation program using a PaaS deployment of Sitecore on Microsoft Azure.

Leveraging Sitecore technology, HIA developed a foundation site with reusable, flexible components. A content strategy allows content editors to surface relevant content, with the ability to cross and up-sell. A backlog of concepts/ideas has been expanded to meet HIA‘s future objectives and a digital style guide governs a consistent UX. HIA can now also sell ad space and personalize content based on member data.

The Sitecore solution enables scalable content management, rich data insights, automation, and personalized digital experiences through the implementation of features such as a digital resource library; an events, awards and training commerce solution; and an improved customer experience platform. Other enhancements include personalized onboarding, a contractor management solution called Tradepass, a tool to migrate legacy content to the new platform, and improved marketing capabilities such as tools to publish landing pages.

HIA has a long-term change roadmap for ongoing optimization with additional Sitecore solutions such as Sitecore Personalize, Sitecore CDP, and Content Hub.


Increasing membership, sales and revenue

Within one month of launch, HIA saw a 500% increase in membership sign ups, 40% increase in goal completion, and approximately 10% reduction in call center traffic.

There is a 184% increase in total orders, 157% increase in total revenue, 367% increase in leads training and Tradepass, 8% increase in online membership conversion, and a 14% increase in online membership revenue.  New users increased by 22%,  page visits increased by 48%  and average time on site increased by 68%. Customer engagement post-campaign has gone up by 800%.

HIA has decommissioned multiple platforms leading to a 15% decrease in internal searches, 1085% increase in paid search impressions, 1263% increase in paid search clicks, 142% increase in goal conversion, 55% decrease in cost per clicks, and 48% decrease in cost per view.

“It is Sitecore, its roadmap and Sitecore support plus access to Sitecore partners like Switch that help you make the right decisions,” said Ben Brooker, General Manager, Digital at HIA.