Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Electricity provider website personalizes product recommendations; increases conversions with streamlined signup

In the open market of the New Zealand electrical industry, innovative approaches to selling power have given residential consumers lots of options—and lots of headaches as they try to determine what deals are best for them. Trusted provider Contact Energy saw an opportunity to win and keep their trust by helping them navigate the confusing array of choices via a powerful, personalized digital experience. Its goals were to add new customers, retain customers moving to a new location, and increase the number of existing customers adding more locations to their accounts.

Partnering with Cucumber, Contact Energy created a dynamic, easy-to-use site capable of generating product recommendations tailored to an individual customer's location, pricing preferences, and past patterns of energy use. The site uses Sitecore capabilities to streamline the online signup experience by automatically filling in as much information as possible before asking questions of the end user. Increased customer knowledge also improves Contact Energy's ability to cross-sell, upsell, and offer value-added rewards, as well as its agility in creating campaigns to respond quickly to competitors' special offers in specific regions.

As a result, Contact Energy has increased both its overall new customer conversion rate and its average number of new customers per week. Retention and customer loyalty are up, too.




Australia and New Zealand

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