At Sitecore, we are of course keenly aware of the imperative for a great digital experience across the buyer’s journey. The pandemic has accelerated customers’ expectations of personalization and individualization, however, brands’ ability to meet these demands has often failed to materialize.

On sitecore.com, we are striving to deliver a real-time demonstration of creating a connected, empathetic customer experience, and we want to be transparent with you about how we do that.

We believe that by sharing our digital strategy, the results, and the underlying principles, processes, and structures that enable it, we can show you that we understand your struggle to drive digital transformation in your organization. We hope we can inspire you with new ideas, approaches, and tactics to help you connect the experience and drive business value from your digital investment.

The sitecore.com marketecture

Learn about the technical foundation of Sitecore's DX strategy.

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Our strategy

Sitecore’s DX Strategy, in a nutshell, is this: We will prove to our customers that we can deliver DX by showing them that we are doing it ourselves. We want sitecore.com and our channels to be a live, real-time demonstration of creating a connected empathetic, customer experience.

We will use our technology, our frameworks, our theory, and our best practice to become our own best case study. We want to show you that great DX is achievable by delivering a transparent customer experience. We believe that we should walk the talk of DX and that by sharing our insights with you, we can show you that we can deliver on our promise to connect the experience.

customer journey structure with a spectrum of colors in blue  

Laying the groundwork for digital transformation

In 2021, Sitecore’s CMO, Paige O’Neill, realized that the sitecore.com website needed a transformation to match the transformation of our product suite.

The Web Marketing team was renamed the Digital Experience team, and a new leader was brought in to refine and deliver on the strategy. Throughout 2021, the DX team undertook a lot of projects designed to rejuvenate and refresh sitecore.com, including:

  • a greatly expanded navigation and IA
  • new components and page designs for our teams to build campaigns
  • an overhaul of our analytics & PowerBI integration
  • a full campaign tagging taxonomy implemented for all paid search
  • optimization of key touchpoints.

We also expanded the team, adding strategists and UX designers, and brought our Marketing Solutions development team into the Marketing organization to foster close collaboration and alignment.

Diagram of the Sitecore DX team structure

Implementation and optimization

With the groundwork in place, we are excited to share with you what we are doing on Sitecore.com, and very importantly, how we are doing it. We’ll be transparent and open with you about how we are evolving our platform, people, and processes, and the results we are getting from it. We’ll also create content that helps guide you through building and iterating your digital experience strategy.

Look out for our new visible personalization button, which shows you the optimization tactics and integrations we have implemented with Sitecore XP, Sitecore CDP, Sitecore Personalize, and Sitecore Content Hub, along with the data we use to create the segments. Join us for regular updates at Sitecore events or ask your account executive for an explanation of what is happening.