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Sitecore 与 GDPR


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At Sitecore, we understand the value of data and the importance of protecting it

As of May 25, 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the rights of Europeans to access and control their personal data. This means any brand that markets to prospects in Europe needs to be able to comply with such requirements as transferring an individual’s data to them or deleting it completely upon a user’s request. At Sitecore, we’re working across our organization to ensure compliance with the GDPR and other privacy laws, and understand that our customers will want to know how they can configure Sitecore products and services in a way that will help them with their own compliance efforts.

Sitecore is committed to the privacy-first philosophy of the GDPR and emulating that in our processes and products. With that in mind, we have taken a number of steps to ensure our ongoing compliance and our Privacy Team is implementing an ongoing data protection plan that covers all areas of our business.

Rich Foehr
Chief Legal Officer, Sitecore

データが複数のシステムやデータベースにサイロ化されている組織は新たかGDPR要件を遵守する上で大きな課題に直面しています。 Sitecore Experience Cloud™はデフォルト設定ですでに安全なだけでなく、プライバシーバイデザインのアプローチで開発されています:  デジタルエクスペリエンスコマース プラットフォームは、顧客データを個人レベルで収集、接続、保存することを可能にします。 つまり、すべて一ヵ所にあるためデータの管理プロセスがより簡単になるのです。

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如果组织的数据分布在多个孤立的系统和数据库中,则会在确保能够符合新的 GDPR 要求上面临重大挑战。 Sitecore Experience Cloud™ 不仅符合默认情况下安全这一原则,而且是采用“通过设计保护隐私”的理念开发的。 其 数字体验电子商务 平台可以配置为收集、连接和存储个体层面的客户数据 ,这意味着您可以采用一个更简单的流程对客户数据进行管理,因为客户数据全部位于一个位置

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Sitecore recommends working with your legal counsel to assess your own risks and to understand the applicability of any law or regulation to your business, including how you process data. For more information about Sitecore's data protection and security framework, please visit the Trust Center.