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成为 Sitecore® 解决方案合作伙伴


Empowering you for success

Sitecore Solution Partners provide professional services focused on strategy, implementation, and support of the digital marketing technology powered by Sitecore products. Sitecore’s core competency is developing and supporting industry-leading customer experience management solutions. Therefore, Sitecore Solution Partners are key to every customer implementation. Our tiered partner classifications help our customers form a clear picture of the type of partner they need, plus reward partners as they evolve and mature in the Sitecore Solution Partner program.

Silver Partner:
Beginning to grow

You have developed a relationship with Sitecore, work with trained developers, understand how to position Sitecore in a sale, and have successfully delivered a project. You’ll receive:

  • Access and usage of the Sitecore license for your website
  • Marketing of the partnership through our channels
  • Primary points of contact
  • Commission and discount rates
  • Complimentary eLearning and discount on classroom training
  • Discount on certification exams



  • 制定进入市场的策略
  • 需求挖掘活动和支持
  • 营销和支持计划
  • 专门联系人
  • 更高的佣金和市场发展基金 (MDF) 比率


您将兑现我们对大规模管理客户体验的愿景。您已将 Sitecore 知识和最佳实践融入到客户生命周期的每个阶段,具有丰富的经验,并且您的领先理念受到认可。您将获得以下益处:

  • 管理人员支持
  • 邀请参加咨询会议
  • 有关市场和技术开发的指导
  • 早期版本的程序
  • 全球领导层简报会
  • 更高的佣金和市场发展基金 (MDF) 比率

The Sitecore® Affiliate Program: The starting point

The Sitecore Affiliate Program is the first step in building your relationship with Sitecore. Sitecore Affiliates refer business but are not required to have technical resources such as certified developers to implement Sitecore solutions.

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我们的 Sitecore 解决方案合作伙伴计划宣传册概述了 Sitecore 合作伙伴生态系统、与 Sitecore 达成合作关系的益处、我们提供的支持,以及对每个等级的特定要求。