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Sitecore® 开发者免费试用版

请在下面注册,以便申请免费试用版软件许可证,并亲自体验功能强大的 Sitecore Experience Cloud™。

免费尝试在 Sitecore 上开发

申请加入开发者试用计划,获得为期 60 天的试用软件许可证、Sitecore 软件的访问权限以及关于如何开始的信息。 了解以下信息:

  • 使用 Sitecore API 和 Helix 框架
  • Sitecore 开发推荐实践
  • Sitecore 平台的实施和可扩展性

Request a 60-day extension


Thank you for requesting access to the Developer Trial!

We have received your request for a trial extension and we’re working on getting your new 60-day license to you as soon as possible.

Please expect a wait time of approximately two business days.

Keep growing

An additional 60 days will allow you to dive deeper and become a more fluent Sitecore developer. We will be guiding you, during your second time around, with resources on how to build on what you’ve learned and create even more elaborate projects.

  • Make sure to stay connected with fellow developers on Sitecore Stack Exchange and Slack Chat. Chances are, you’re not the first to experience any of the challenges you may face.
  • Find the answers to your question with official Sitecore Documentation for Developers.
  • Remember to sign up for eLearning classes using your trial license. Leave as a Certified Sitecore Developer and give yourself the edge you need in today's market.

Best of luck on part two of your journey! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help

Sitecore Developer Trial Program