Abundant Health Acquisition (aha!)

aha! is a digital agency that helps healthcare providers improve their patient experience online. For example, aha! designs and builds websites that act as digital front doors to patient care through better consumer experiences. aha!’s digital experience work modernizes health systems by promoting simplicity and ease-of-use for consumers and deepens the connection between patients and providers.

aha!’s offerings include Platform Design and Integration, Consumer Acquisition and Patient Loyalty, and Health Experience Innovation. The Platform Design and Integration offering includes full-service strategy, design, and technical integration of large-scale, consumer-facing websites. Our application architecture, implementation, experience design, and content strategy teams are tightly integrated and collaborate closely with our client’s internal teams. This approach helps to ensure our clients realize the maximum value in their investment in the Sitecore platform and are positioned to sustain it once it’s live.

aha! has been helping healthcare providers improve the patient experience with Sitecore since our founding. For example, aha! worked with a large health system in Texas to migrate their consumer website ecosystem to Sitecore. This effort included a completely redesigned UX, the migration of over 8,000 unique pages of content, and enabling Sitecore’s personalization, analytics, and campaign management capabilities. The first patient acquisition campaign using the Sitecore features resulted in a 52% increase in conversion over the months before the launch.

aha! is majority-owned by Abundant Venture Partners Holding, LLC.

Websites: https://abundant.health
Abundant Venture Partners (AVP)


Abundant Health Acquisition (aha!)