Mando Group Limited

We help large organisations in regulated industries improve customer experience and reduce costs.

We help our clients to formulate digital strategies, transform business processes and implement best-in-class technology. So that they can deliver more of what matters to their customers.

We work in industries where customers are typically doing things they don’t want to do, and we work in scenarios where misery reduction is often more important than increasing pleasure. You don’t typically have fun when paying a water bill, reporting a power cut, renewing car insurance, or calling a breakdown service, but you do have to do it – so we aim to make those experiences as simple, efficient and personalised as possible. We create experience through simplicity.

We are insightful, collaborative, momentum-makers.

• Insightful - we’re committed to discovering and applying knowledge; searching to see how we can make things better.

• Collaborative - We make good things happen by bringing great people together.

• Momentum-makers - we focus on applying consistent effort now to drive positive change.

We have been a partner of Sitecore for more than 5 years, implementing the full XP toolset, helping existing Sitecore customers improve their overall implementation, and providing training on Sitecore’s personalisation and analytics tools. Many of our Sitecore customers have multiple websites running on the platform. It enables them to deliver a consistent digital experience, across multiple brands, geographic locations, and languages, and to quickly enroll new brands into their estate. We also partner with Microsoft Azure & Cognitive Services, integrating with Sitecore.

Our services include: digital strategy, experience platforms, AI for customer experience and managed services. Our experienced team includes strategists, developers and UX designers, including the UK’s first Microsoft MVP for AI. We work with some great brands across many industries, like the AA, United Utilities, Bentley, RCi Bank and TalkTalk Business.


Mando Group Limited