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在网站之外打造卓越的客户体验对于优化转化率和提高营收至关重要。 您的受众无处不在,借助于无头 CMS 架构,可确保开发人员能够与使用移动 APP 应用和物联网设备的受众快速建立联系,提供丰富的体验。 但是,无头系统可以将营销人员与客户体验分离。 是时候收回控制权了。

How Sitecore CMS is different

Sitecore Omni features

Enhancements to Sitecore’s headless capabilities with the release of Sitecore Experience Cloud version 9.1 bring you greater reach, more flexibility, more control

Retain customer data online and offline and across devices

The Universal Tracker expands behavioral tracking for a seamless experience by retaining data even when the visitor goes offline or switches channels.

Ease of access for developers

Javascript Services open up application development to popular frameworks so developers can connect to Sitecore XP’s behavioral tracking, personalization, and optimization features.

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详细了解 Sitecore 的无头 CMS 平台


  • 在无头环境中发布个性化的内容。
  • 继续收集有用的互动数据。
  • 更轻松地开展现代化、多渠道的营销活动。


详细了解 Sitecore Experience Platform