Picturepark content systems enable organizations to connect, manage and route content from the points of creation to where it’s needed, helping them to cope better with their ever growing amount of content.

Introduced in 2015, Picturepark provides the Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore which tightly connects the two systems and extends the Sitecore Media Library. The Picturepark Connector for Sitecore connects Sitecore via Picturepark to other upstream content systems, and relieves Sitecore customers from managing their digital assets within Sitecore.

Headquartered in Switzerland and with sites in Austria and the US, Picturepark provides cloud-based or on-premises deployed software since 2000 to a growing number of customers world-wide.

Key product offerings

Available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premises or hybrid, Picturepark content systems manage file-based and fileless content in a highly structured way, featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites. Designed API-first and based on a modern technology stack, Picturepark combines the primary benefits of Master Data Management (MDM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) in a headless implementation, providing the fundamentals for building custom content solutions on top.

As a backend system, Picturepark acts as an “enterprise content integration bus” that not only routes the content from production or master sources to Sitecore as the digital experience platform, but also helps manage it at a large scale. As such, Picturepark tags and categorizes files or virtual contents via user interaction or artificial intelligence, converts images and videos into website-ready formats, keeps track of all versions and renditions, and controls the content lifecycle and other workflows.

All Picturepark content systems are based on Microsoft technologies. The forthcoming Picturepark Content Platform has been built API-first from scratch with a microservice architecture and no legacy code to integrate with ease into other systems and reliably cope with the ever growing amount of content.

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