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Sitecore® Digital Asset Management (DAM)

The integration has begun: Sitecore Plugin™ for Sitecore DAM

When it comes to customer relationships, nothing is more important than the experiences you provide. And when it comes to providing experiences at speed and scale, nothing is more important than managing your content—whether photos, layouts, packaging art, videos, 3D, or source files.

With the Sitecore Plugin for Sitecore DAM, web editors and digital and content marketers can now select assets stored in the DAM directly within Sitecore and use them to create, deliver, and refine digital experiences.

The Sitecore Plugin for Sitecore DAM is compatible with Sitecore Experience Manager™ and Sitecore® Experience Platform™ versions 8.2.7, 9.0.2 and 9.1, as well as with Sitecore Content Hub™ version 3.1 (formerly Stylelabs Marketing Content Hub) Enterprise and Professional editions.

Download your datasheet, “Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM),” to learn more, including how the DAM powers:

  • In-browser previews
  • Intuitive searches, including saving and sharing searches
  • Data management for actionable insights
  • A marketing portal, and more

Download now