Sitecore Boxcare Packages

Unless otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used in this document shall have the same meaning as that given in the Order for Services between the Sitecore entity (Sitecore) and the customer (Customer) signing such Order.

1. Scope

There are 3 Boxcare packages available: platinum, gold, and silver, with Services to be delivered on an annually recurring basis. The specific package which will be delivered to Customer is set out in the Order.

What is Boxcare?

Sitecore’s Boxcare packages provide a structured framework for personalization planning, delivery, and optimization through access to consulting resources as follows:

  • Client Manager – manages scope, timelines, and budget.
  • Business Consultant – provides guidance on operating model and recommends activities to generate maximum value.
  • Technical Consultant – builds integrations and experiences.

What is the difference between the platinum, gold, and silver packages?

Each Boxcare package has a different number of Services hours with a different set of key activities. The key activities indicate what will be performed with the Services hours. While the key activities set out below are standard to each package, the exact scope of the Services may be adjusted during the performance of the Services subject to agreement between the parties. On or after the Order Effective Date, Customer will nominate a single primary contact to work with Sitecore in the performance of the Services, and will notify Sitecore with respect to any changes to that primary contact. All Services will be delivered remotely unless otherwise set out in the Order for Services.

Silver Gold Platinum
450 hours per year
(112.5 hours per quarter)
900 hours per year
(225 hours per quarter)
1800 hours per year
(450 hours per quarter)
Key Activities included in annual hours allowance:
  • Technical Consultancy
  • 1 Business Consultancy activity (choose 1 from the below list)
  • Insight Reports monthly review
  • Annual review call
  • Coordinated by a Client Manager
Key Activities included in annual hours allowance:
  • Technical Consultancy
  • 2 Business Consultancy activities (choose 2 from the below list)
  • Insight Reports monthly review
  • Quarterly review call
  • Coordinated by a Client Manager
Key Activities included in annual hours allowance:
  • Technical Consultancy
  • 4 Business Consultancy activities (choose 4 from the below list)
  • Insights Reports monthly review
  • Monthly review call
  • Coordinated by a Client Manager


Business Consultancy Activities

The activities available are:

  • Backlog Ideation and Management – Learn best practices on gathering and ranking ideas and building a roadmap reflecting strategic objectives
  • Operating model workshop – Learn best practices on people, process, artefacts and tools
  • Customer journey mapping workshop – Build data-driven customer journeys
  • Art of the possible – Learn how to get inspiration for innovative ideas
  • Measurement best practices – Set up a framework to maximize measurement of experiences and experiments


  • Customer will make necessary resource(s) available to participate in the activities.

Insight Reports Monthly Review

The monthly insight reports contain visual representations of key statistics in your data. Each month your Sitecore Consultant will review the reports and present their learnings to you.

There are 4 report packs available:

  • The Summary Pack - gives you a clear view of the types of data in Sitecore CDP products and the general trends of the channels, transactions and profiles captured over the last six months, to the extent that data is available. This report can be used to measure overall trends and align data trends between datasets.
  • The Abandonment Pack - provides key insights into online sessions which have been abandoned, specifically what were people looking to buy, who was looking to buy, and any correlations to UTMs that can be exploited. This report can be used to chase down demand and understand current customer intent.
  • The Segment Pack - shows growth and decline in the following segment types: orders per customer, sessions per customer, searches per customer and channels per customer. You can see how many customers, for example, have 1, 2, 3 or 4+ sessions in the last 3 months compared to previous months. This report can be used to track key changes and identify segments which are valuable and need to be protected.
  • The Customer Journey Maps Pack - visually provides a view as to how customers engage with your digital inbound channels (web, mobile web, app). It also shows period on period changes which will help you identify areas of opportunity as customers change their behaviour.

The specific content of the report may differ depending on the Customer industry and the data being captured from the Customer’s channels.


  • Commentary on the Report(s), including the content set out above, to be delivered monthly.


  • Sitecore consultants will have the required access to Customer’s data to assess the reports.

2. General

The Services will be acquired as a pre-paid pool of hours, where the maximum number of hours to be used in a day corresponds to the length of the workday of each individual Sitecore resource engaged as part of this package unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The hours consumed will be counted in time increments of 60 minutes.

The Services will be performed based on a delivery schedule to be agreed upon between the parties. Changes to the scheduling of activities must be requested no less than two weeks prior to the first day of the scheduled performance of the activity. If scheduling changes are requested less than two weeks prior to the first day of the scheduled performance of the activity, Sitecore reserves the right to deduct (i) any Services hours already used in preparation for the activity and (ii) the Services hours that would have been used for the activity had the Customer not rescheduled.

Services hours must be consumed on a quarterly basis, with the first quarter starting on the Order Effective Date and ending 3 months thereafter. The quarterly allowance is indicated in the relevant Boxcare package description above. Sitecore will work with Customer to schedule Workshops, review calls, and any other activities requiring a large number of hours to minimize the likelihood of Customer (i) not using all allocated Services hours or (ii) exceeding the number of allocated Services hours during a given quarter.

Any Services hours not consumed within a given quarter will expire. Sitecore is under no obligation to deliver any unused pre-paid Services after expiry and any outstanding fees or applicable expenses will remain payable. Sitecore shall provide monthly consumption reporting.

If a Customer exceeds the number of Services hours in a given quarter, each additional Service hour will be charged based on Sitecore’s then-current hourly rates for the relevant Sitecore Services role, and will be invoiced by Sitecore at the end of such quarter.

The fees for the Services do not include any travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for onsite visits. Where onsite visits are contemplated in the Order, such visits and associated travel budgets will need to be agreed upon between the Customer and Sitecore for each trip. Sitecore will book economy flight tickets and cheapest option for appropriate 4-star business class hotel. Sitecore will invoice the Customer each month for travel expenses incurred during the preceding month for agreed and approved onsite visits at the Customer’s locations. The remainder of the Services will be performed remotely.

Any produced code and Sitecore configuration performed by Sitecore while delivering the Services will be for reference and guidance. Customer should perform proper testing in its environment when using any of the work delivered by Sitecore.

v1.3 (February 2022)