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Agreement Overview

Creating transparency and the best customer experience

At Sitecore we are truly passionate about creating seamless, personalized digital experiences and we believe that running a transparent and trustworthy business is key to building long lasting relationships with our customers. This translates into us providing you and our other customers with a composable platform of cutting-edge SaaS products as well as complementary consulting and training services. We also offer certain on-premise software products with the additional ability to host that on-prem software in Sitecore’s managed cloud.

We have prepared this overview to help you get acquainted with our contractual framework, and the structure, content and key concepts that we apply.

Structure of the agreement

Overall, our agreement consists of the following three main documents^ ^^:

  • An Order Form (”Order”)
  • The Master Subscription Terms and Conditions (“MSTC”)
  • Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”)

The following illustration sets forth the outline of the agreement:

Agreement Overview Chart-Legal6.svg

Content of the agreement documents

We have summarized the content of the different documents that form part of our contractual relationship in the table below.

Document Description

Order Form (Order)

The Order sets out the Sitecore products and services in scope for the engagement between us.  

It also describes the pricing, subscription terms etc. that form the backbone of our commercial agreement.

Order Definitions

These define the product components relevant to the licensing metrics set out in an Order including Software, SaaS Products and/or Hosted Services.

Master Subscription Terms & Conditions (MSTC)

The MSTCs set out the main terms of our agreement, including the rights to use the products and services, key legal elements etc.

Please see our FAQ description of some of the key legal concepts of our MSTC and how they apply to you.

The MSTCs also contains six Addendums, each containing additional terms, which may be relevant to you, depending on which Sitecore services or products you have purchased and your geographic location:

•        Addendum A: Additional Terms relating to Orders including SaaS Products and/or Hosted Services

•        Gen AI Addendum: Additional Terms Relating to Gen AI Functionality

•        Addendum B: Additional Terms relating to Orders including Software

•        Addendum C: Additional Terms relating to Orders including Consulting Services

•        Addendum D: Additional Terms relating to Orders including Training Services

•        Addendum E: Governing Law, Jurisdiction and Geo-Specific Terms

You can find the MSTC here.

Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

The DPA sets out the terms for processing of personal data/customer data, where you are the data controller and we act as data processor (as this is defined in the applicable data protection laws and regulations including GDPR and CCPA).

The location of data is always determined by you as the customer, but the DPA also contains Standard Contractual Clauses which we will use as a transfer mechanism in case personal data is transferred outside of the EU.

You can find the DPA here.


Contains the terms and conditions applicable for support – scope of support depends on the individual support levels chosen by you within Sitecore’s offering.

Cloud Product SLAs

We provide uniform SLAs for our SaaS Products and Hosted Services (collectively, “Cloud Products”). The SLAs define the level of service you can expect from us.

You can find the Sitecore SLAs here.

Sitecore Usage Policy (Cloud Products)

Describes the constraints and practices applicable to use of your licensed SaaS Products or Hosted Services, and incorporates the Gen AI Policy, which helps us ensure that our Cloud Products are used in a proper manner.

You can find the Usage Policy here.

Consulting Services Package Descriptions

If you have purchased any professional (consulting) services packages, these documents describe the scope of such services and the individual activities Sitecore undertake.


Sitecore provides a premier customer success plan that includes professional (consulting) and training services entitlements, as well as premium support.


^ If you have a Master Subscription Agreement ("MSA") from 2018 or 2019, and wish to purchase Cloud Products (ie SaaS Products and/or Hosted Services), you can enter into a Cloud Addendum to your MSA instead of a new MSTC. In such case, the contractual framework consists of the Order(s), the existing MSA, the Cloud Addendum and the Data Processing Addendum. Read more about the Cloud Addendum.

^^If you have a MSTC (or MSA and Cloud Addendum) entered into prior to April 1, 2024, and wish to use Gen AI Functionality, you will need to enter into a Gen AI Activation Form which incorporates the terms and conditions of the Gen AI Addendum. Read more about this document.