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Nuestra historia

Sitecore: Nuestros valores

Colaboración, innovación que coloca al cliente en primer lugar: descubra los valores que impulsan el trabajo de nuestro equipo de profesionales de la tecnología.

Our values

We're working together to innovate and grow. Here are the central values that drive us:

Push Boundaries

Push boundaries

  • Never stop innovating and improving
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Be curious and initiate change
  • Commit to excellence and aim to win
  • Execute with high velocity (speed and direction)

Foster Collaboration

Foster collaboration

  • Value each other – employees are our foundation
  • Empower and enable each other for success
  • Prevent silos and unite as one team
  • Build trust through open communication
  • Listen generously and embrace diverse perspectives

Take Ownership

Take ownership

  • Be accountable for outcomes not activities
  • Be a champion for your personal growth and your team’s success
  • Persevere with passion
  • Act with integrity
  • Develop the leader within

Cultivate Community

Cultivate community

  • Think beyond ourselves
  • Contribute actively to local communities
  • Create and strengthen lasting connections within our network of colleagues, customers, partners, and developers
  • Build a culture of respect, empathy, and inclusion
  • Work hard together; have fun together

Customers First

Customers first

  • Make customer success a top priority
  • Be our customers’ trusted advisor
  • Always seek to improve our customers’ experience
  • Anticipate and deliver proactively on customer needs