What is generative AI (“Gen AI”)?

Gen AI refers to advanced artificial intelligence that can generate content, predictions, or decisions based on the data it has been trained on.

Is Sitecore integrating Gen AI into its cloud products?

How does Gen AI Functionality enhance the capabilities of Sitecore’s cloud products?

Sitecore leverages Gen AI to ensure our products remain cutting-edge, enhancing your experience with features e.g., powered by OpenAI/Azure. These advancements are designed to offer unparalleled value, streamlining your workflows and enabling more engaging, creative outcomes.

Is use of Gen AI Functionality optional and how is it leveraged?

Which contractual legal terms govern use of Gen AI Functionality?

Who owns the rights to the content created or generated using Gen AI Functionality?

As between Sitecore and Customer, you own the prompts and results put into any Gen AI Functionality.

How are these inputs/outputs protected?

The prompts and results put into any Gen AI Functionality are considered Customer Data under the Master Terms and DPA. Accordingly, the security measures and other Sitecore obligations in the DPA will apply equally to these inputs/outputs.

Does the Gen AI Functionality include features powered by third party AI models?

Yes, the Gen AI Functionality may include features powered by third party AI models, in which case such third party will act as a Subprocessor of Customer Data under the DPA.

What does it mean to use Gen AI Functionality during a beta phase?

Gen AI Functionality may be made available initially as beta or early access features, known as “Beta Gen AI Features,” and will be identified as such in the product. This offers Customers the opportunity to explore innovative features at no cost. If we decide to make these features generally available, we may introduce fees for their continued use, but only after providing reasonable notice and on mutual agreement in writing.

As with all Gen AI features, Beta Gen AI Features are provided 'as is' with no warranty or liability. While we hope you enjoy exploring these innovative features, please note that they may be suspended or removed at our discretion. We strive to continually improve and may make changes based on your feedback, but we cannot guarantee any final product releases.

Will Sitecore (or third party AI model providers) use our inputs/outputs to train its models or otherwise store them?

How does Sitecore ensure responsible governance of its Gen AI technologies?

Sitecore is deeply committed to the responsible and safe use of Gen AI technologies.

To uphold this commitment, we conduct thorough AI Impact Assessments which involve comprehensive risk and impact analyses for all products integrating AI. These assessments meticulously evaluate potential risks and impacts of AI integration, enabling us to devise and implement effective mitigation strategies for any identified concerns.

We also have a cross-functional AI Governance Board to oversee responsible AI use within our organization.

For an insight into our AI governance framework, please see here.